2.5mm Round Elastic Shoe Laces

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Black PG61560cm Dispenser Banded£3.14
Black PG61560cmBlister Packed£3.38
Black PG615 90cm Dispenser Banded£3.98
Black PG615 90cmBlister Packed£4.20
Brown PG65660cm Dispenser Banded£3.14
Brown PG65660cmBlister Packed£3.38
Brown PG656 90cm Dispenser Banded£3.98
Brown PG656 90cmBlister Packed£4.20
Dark Navy PG79160cm Dispenser Banded£3.14
Dark Navy PG79160cmBlister Packed£3.38
Dark Navy PG791 90cm Dispenser Banded£3.98
Dark Navy PG791 90cmBlister Packed£4.20
Grey PG54460cm Dispenser Banded£3.14
Grey PG54460cmBlister Packed£3.38
Grey PG544 90cm Dispenser Banded£3.98
Grey PG544 90cmBlister Packed£4.20
Beige PG65960cm Dispenser Banded£3.14
Beige PG65960cmBlister Packed£3.38
Beige PG659 90cm Dispenser Banded£3.98
Beige PG659 90cmBlister Packed£4.20
White PG319160cm Dispenser Banded£3.14
White PG319160cmBlister Packed£3.38
White PG3191 90cm Dispenser Banded£3.98
White PG3191 90cmBlister Packed£4.20
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Elevate your footwear game with our 2.5mm Round Elastic Shoe Laces, thoughtfully supplied as a pair for your convenience. Crafted from robust 100% polyester and rubber, these laces boast a unique blend of strength and durability that’s perfect for both casual and formal shoes. Finished with Metal Tips.

Experience the luxury of soft-textured laces that also stand the test of time, thanks to their hard-wearing design. Tying your shoes becomes a breeze, all while maintaining a strong and secure knot.

With an impressive spectrum of 6 available colors, you have the freedom to choose the perfect hue to complement your style. These laces are offered in three convenient length sizes: 60cm and 90cm. Need a custom size? Feel free to request bespoke sizes to cater to your specific needs.

Manuafcturing Part Number (MPN): TPE77

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Beige PG659, Black PG615, Brown PG656, Dark Navy PG791, Grey PG544, White PG3191

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60cm, 90cm


Blister Packed, Dispenser Banded