5mm Flat Shoe Laces

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Baby Blue PG83545cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Baby Blue PG83545cmBlister Packed£1.68
Baby Blue PG835 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Baby Blue PG835 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Baby Blue PG835 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Baby Blue PG835 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Baby Pink PG83445cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Baby Pink PG83445cmBlister Packed£1.68
Baby Pink PG834 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Baby Pink PG834 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Baby Pink PG834 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Baby Pink PG834 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Black PG61545cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Black PG61545cmBlister Packed£1.68
Black PG615 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Black PG615 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Black PG615 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Black PG615 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Cedar Green PG65845cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Cedar Green PG65845cmBlister Packed£1.68
Cedar Green PG658 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Cedar Green PG658 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Cedar Green PG658 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Cedar Green PG658 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Cerise Pink PG39145cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Cerise Pink PG39145cmBlister Packed£1.68
Cerise Pink PG391 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Cerise Pink PG391 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Cerise Pink PG391 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Cerise Pink PG391 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Stone PG93245cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Stone PG93245cmBlister Packed£1.68
Stone PG932 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Stone PG932 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Stone PG932 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Stone PG932 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Beige PG65945cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Beige PG65945cmBlister Packed£1.68
Beige PG659 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Beige PG659 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Beige PG659 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Beige PG659 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Dark Navy PG79145cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Dark Navy PG79145cmBlister Packed£1.68
Dark Navy PG791 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Dark Navy PG791 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Dark Navy PG791 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Dark Navy PG791 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Taupe PG93745cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Taupe PG93745cmBlister Packed£1.68
Taupe PG937 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Taupe PG937 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Taupe PG937 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Taupe PG937 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Emerald Green PG51745cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Emerald Green PG51745cmBlister Packed£1.68
Emerald Green PG517 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Emerald Green PG517 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Emerald Green PG517 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Emerald Green PG517 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Ermine PG90445cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Ermine PG90445cmBlister Packed£1.68
Ermine PG904 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Ermine PG904 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Ermine PG904 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Ermine PG904 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Everglade PG79745cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Everglade PG79745cmBlister Packed£1.68
Everglade PG797 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Everglade PG797 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Everglade PG797 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Everglade PG797 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Fluorescent Lime PG05145cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Fluorescent Lime PG05145cmBlister Packed£1.68
Fluorescent Lime PG051 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Fluorescent Lime PG051 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Fluorescent Lime PG051 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Fluorescent Lime PG051 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Fluorescent Orange PG05045cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Fluorescent Orange PG05045cmBlister Packed£1.68
Fluorescent Orange PG050 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Fluorescent Orange PG050 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Fluorescent Orange PG050 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Fluorescent Orange PG050 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Fluorescent Pink PG05245cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Fluorescent Pink PG05245cmBlister Packed£1.68
Fluorescent Pink PG052 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Fluorescent Pink PG052 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Fluorescent Pink PG052 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Fluorescent Pink PG052 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Fluorescent Yellow PG05345cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Fluorescent Yellow PG05345cmBlister Packed£1.68
Fluorescent Yellow PG053 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Fluorescent Yellow PG053 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Fluorescent Yellow PG053 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Fluorescent Yellow PG053 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Frosted Silver PG65445cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Frosted Silver PG65445cmBlister Packed£1.68
Frosted Silver PG654 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Frosted Silver PG654 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Frosted Silver PG654 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Frosted Silver PG654 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Grey PG54445cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Grey PG54445cmBlister Packed£1.68
Grey PG544 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Grey PG544 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Grey PG544 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Grey PG544 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Khaki Olive PG81145cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Khaki Olive PG81145cmBlister Packed£1.68
Khaki Olive PG811 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Khaki Olive PG811 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Khaki Olive PG811 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Khaki Olive PG811 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Fawn PG59145cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Fawn PG59145cmBlister Packed£1.68
Fawn PG591 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Fawn PG591 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Fawn PG591 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Fawn PG591 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Light Grey PG57045cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Light Grey PG57045cmBlister Packed£1.68
Light Grey PG570 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Light Grey PG570 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Light Grey PG570 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Light Grey PG570 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Lilac PG74445cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Lilac PG74445cmBlister Packed£1.68
Lilac PG744 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Lilac PG744 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Lilac PG744 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Lilac PG744 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Tan PG93545cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Tan PG93545cmBlister Packed£1.68
Tan PG935 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Tan PG935 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Tan PG935 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Tan PG935 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
White PG319145cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
White PG319145cmBlister Packed£1.68
White PG3191 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
White PG3191 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
White PG3191 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
White PG3191 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Orange PG73845cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Orange PG73845cmBlister Packed£1.68
Orange PG738 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Orange PG738 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Orange PG738 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Orange PG738 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Wine PG79645cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Wine PG79645cmBlister Packed£1.68
Wine PG796 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Wine PG796 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Wine PG796 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Wine PG796 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Purple PG311245cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Purple PG311245cmBlister Packed£1.68
Purple PG3112 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Purple PG3112 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Purple PG3112 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Purple PG3112 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Red PG65545cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Red PG65545cmBlister Packed£1.68
Red PG655 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Red PG655 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Red PG655 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Red PG655 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Royal Blue PG79045cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Royal Blue PG79045cmBlister Packed£1.68
Royal Blue PG790 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Royal Blue PG790 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Royal Blue PG790 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Royal Blue PG790 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Sahara Beige PG26845cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Sahara Beige PG26845cmBlister Packed£1.68
Sahara Beige PG268 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Sahara Beige PG268 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Sahara Beige PG268 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Sahara Beige PG268 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Sovereign PG93045cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Sovereign PG93045cmBlister Packed£1.68
Sovereign PG930 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Sovereign PG930 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Sovereign PG930 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Sovereign PG930 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Turquoise PG39045cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Turquoise PG39045cmBlister Packed£1.68
Turquoise PG390 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Turquoise PG390 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Turquoise PG390 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Turquoise PG390 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Yellow PG72045cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Yellow PG72045cmBlister Packed£1.68
Yellow PG720 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Yellow PG720 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Yellow PG720 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Yellow PG720 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
Brown PG65645cm Dispenser Banded£1.50
Brown PG65645cmBlister Packed£1.68
Brown PG656 60cm Dispenser Banded£1.68
Brown PG656 60cmBlister Packed£1.92
Brown PG656 75cm Dispenser Banded£1.90
Brown PG656 75cmBlister Packed£2.11
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Elevate your footwear game with our 5mm Thin Flat Tubular Shoe Laces, thoughtfully supplied as a pair for your convenience. Crafted from robust 100% polyester, these laces boast a unique blend of strength and durability that’s perfect for both casual and formal shoes.

Experience the luxury of soft-textured laces that also stand the test of time, thanks to their hard-wearing design. Tying your shoes becomes a breeze, all while maintaining a strong and secure knot.

With an impressive spectrum of 34 available colors, you have the freedom to choose the perfect hue to complement your style. These laces are offered in three convenient length sizes: 45cm, 60cm, and 75cm. Need a custom size? Feel free to request bespoke sizes to cater to your specific needs.

As a mark of quality, these laces are proudly made in Britain, showcasing a tradition of craftsmanship. Elevate your shoe aesthetic with our 5mm Thin Flat Tubular Shoe Laces, ensuring that every step is a stylish and comfortable one.

Manufacturing Part Number (MPN): T461

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Baby Blue PG835, Baby Pink PG834, Beige PG659, Black PG615, Brown PG656, Cedar Green PG658, Cerise Pink PG391, Dark Navy PG791, Emerald Green PG517, Ermine PG904, Everglade PG797, Fawn PG591, Fluorescent Lime PG051, Fluorescent Orange PG050, Fluorescent Pink PG052, Fluorescent Yellow PG053, Frosted Silver PG654, Grey PG544, Khaki Olive PG811, Light Grey PG570, Lilac PG744, Orange PG738, Purple PG3112, Red PG655, Royal Blue PG790, Sahara Beige PG268, Sovereign PG930, Stone PG932, Tan PG935, Taupe PG937, Turquoise PG390, White PG3191, Wine PG796, Yellow PG720

Length Size

45cm, 60cm, 75cm


Blister Packed, Dispenser Banded