Cherry Blossom Patent Care 200ml

Key Features:

  1. Glossy Restoration: Rediscover the brilliance of your patent leather treasures. Cherry Blossom Patent Care effortlessly cleans and restores the gloss finish, erasing scuffs and bringing back the allure of your footwear and accessories.
  2. Unique Wax and Oil Blend: Crafted with precision, our formula features a unique blend of high-quality wax and nourishing oils. This special combination not only enhances the shine but also forms a protective barrier, preventing drying and cracking for long-lasting glamour.
  3. Versatile Elegance: From chic heels to stylish handbags, our Patent Care spray is designed for all your patent leather favorites. Experience a consistent and radiant appearance across your entire collection.


  • Prevent Drying and Cracking: Enriched with our signature blend, Cherry Blossom Patent Care shields your patent leather items from drying and cracking, ensuring they remain supple and resilient over time.
  • Effortless Application: The 200ml spray bottle delivers convenience at your fingertips. Simply spritz onto your accessories for an instant revival – a quick and efficient solution for maintaining your patent leather treasures.
  • Elevated Luxury: Infused with the delicate essence of cherry blossoms, our Patent Care spray not only restores but also indulges your senses with a touch of nature-inspired luxury.

Revitalise the allure of your patent leather footwear and accessories with Cherry Blossom Patent Care. Unleash the power of our unique wax and oil blend for a timeless gloss that defies the test of time. Step confidently into a world where every detail shines.