Cherry Blossom Silky Fresh Feet 100ml

Key Features:

  1. Sockless Comfort: Experience the freedom of going without socks while keeping your feet feeling clean, dry, and effortlessly comfortable.
  2. 24-Hour Freshness: Cherry Blossom Silky Feet ensures a full day of freshness, making it the perfect companion for any activity. Enjoy the confidence that comes with lasting comfort.
  3. Anti-Friction Formula: Say goodbye to discomfort and chafing. Our unique spray acts as a protective shield, preventing friction and leaving your feet feeling smooth and irritation-free.


  • Confidence in Every Step: Silky Feet enhances your sockless experience, offering a feeling of cleanliness and freshness that lasts all day, promoting confidence with every step.
  • Smooth Sensation: Beyond dryness, this spray adds a touch of silky smoothness to your feet, elevating the overall comfort and feel of your skin.
  • Convenient 100ml Size: Packaged for on-the-go use, this 100ml spray bottle ensures easy application anytime, anywhere, for continuous freshness wherever life takes you.

Step into a world of sockless confidence with Cherry Blossom Silky Feet 100ml Spray – because comfort should never compromise style.