Cherry Blossom Suede & Nubuck Renovator Black 200ml

Key Features:

  1. Colour Restoration: Cherry Blossom Suede & Nubuck Renovator is designed to bring back the vibrancy to your suede and nubuck items. Effortlessly revive and enhance their original colour for a renewed and refreshed look.
  2. Revives Appearance: Bid farewell to worn and faded suede and nubuck – this renovator actively rejuvenates the appearance of your items, preserving their luxurious texture and visual appeal.
  3. Easy Application: The user-friendly spray bottle design ensures a hassle-free application process. Cherry Blossom’s renovator simplifies the task, allowing you to effortlessly maintain the impeccable appearance of your suede and nubuck possessions.


  • Vibrant Renewal: Experience the vibrant renewal of your suede and nubuck items with Cherry Blossom’s expertly formulated renovator. Enjoy a refreshed look that makes a lasting impression.
  • Texture Preservation: Beyond color restoration, this renovator actively preserves the rich texture of suede and nubuck, ensuring your items maintain their luxurious and distinct feel.
  • Effortless Maintenance: With its easy-to-use spray bottle, Cherry Blossom’s Suede & Nubuck Renovator simplifies the maintenance process, allowing you to effortlessly care for your cherished possessions.

Elevate the longevity and allure of your suede and nubuck footwear with Cherry Blossom Suede & Nubuck Renovator. This 200ml spray bottle is your key to easy color restoration and a refreshed appearance that stands the test of time.