Cork Full Shoe Insoles

Discover ultimate comfort with Tie Tight Laces Leather Insoles

Suitable for gents, ladies, and children.

Available in a wide range of UK sizes from 3 to 12, these insoles offer a perfect fit for everyone.

Plus, they can be easily cut to size, ensuring a customized and snug fit for unmatched comfort.

Step into luxurious softness and support with Tie Tight Laces Leather Insoles today. Your feet will thank you!

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Gents, Ladies, Unisex

Insole Size

Cut to Size, Gents Size UK 10 (Euro 44), Gents Size UK 11 (Euro 45), Gents Size UK 12 (Euro 46), Gents Size UK 7 (Euro 41), Gents Size UK 8 (Euro 42), Gents Size UK 9 (Euro 43), Ladies Size UK 3 (Euro 36), Ladies Size UK 4 (Euro 37), Ladies Size UK 5 (Euro 38), Ladies Size UK 6 (Euro 39), Ladies Size UK 7 (Euro 40), Ladies Size UK 8 (Euro 41)