Dasco Ultimate Nano Protector 300ml

Key Features:

  1. Advanced Nanotechnology: Dasco Ultimate Nano Protector harnesses the power of nanotechnology, forming an imperceptible shield that provides unmatched protection against rain, snow, stains, and dirt.
  2. UV Protection: Fortified with UV protection, this spray safeguards your textiles from the damaging effects of sunlight, ensuring they retain their original vibrancy and resist fading.
  3. Breathable Defense: Dasco’s innovative formulation allows materials to breathe, ensuring your textiles remain comfortable while benefiting from robust protection against external elements.


  • All-Encompassing Protection: Dasco Ultimate Nano Protector is your go-to solution for comprehensive textile care, offering a protective coating that repels rain, snow, stains, and dirt, keeping your fabrics looking immaculate.
  • Vibrancy Preserved: With added UV protection, your textiles maintain their original allure, resisting fading and staying vibrant, even under the sun’s intense rays.
  • Comfortable Breathability: Dasco’s Nano Protector ensures that, while being shielded from external elements, your textiles retain their breathable nature, providing comfort without compromising on protection.

Elevate your textile care routine with Dasco Ultimate Nano Protector – the generous 300ml spray bottle that encapsulates cutting-edge technology for a seamless blend of protection and breathability. Keep your textiles looking and feeling their best, no matter the weather or the adventures ahead.