Dasco Wax & Shine 200ml

Key Features:

  1. Premium Wax Formulation: Dasco Wax & Shine boasts a unique blend of top-quality waxes, providing exceptional cleaning and shining properties tailored for smooth aniline and synthetic leathers.
  2. Universal Application: Ideal for all colours, this spray is a versatile choice for enhancing the appearance of a variety of leather items, ensuring a consistent and brilliant shine.
  3. Stain-Free Assurance: Rest easy knowing that Dasco Wax & Shine is formulated to leave no stains behind. Its advanced composition guarantees a flawless finish, maintaining the integrity of your leather items.


  • Exceptional Cleaning and Shine: Elevate your leather care routine with Dasco’s superior wax formula, offering not only a thorough cleaning but also an unparalleled shine that lasts.
  • Colour Harmony: Regardless of the color palette of your leather items, Dasco Wax & Shine complements them all, making it the perfect choice for a universal shine that suits every style.
  • Stain-Free Confidence: Enjoy the peace of mind that comes with Dasco’s stain-free formula, ensuring your leather items look pristine and polished after each application.

Experience the luxury of top-quality care with Dasco Wax & Shine – the 200ml spray bottle designed to clean, shine, and enhance the beauty of all smooth aniline and synthetic leathers. Elevate your leather items to new heights of refinement with Dasco’s trusted formulation.