Walking Cord Fleck Shoe Laces

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Black/Brown Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Brown Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Brown Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Brown Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Brown Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Brown Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Brown Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Brown Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Brown Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Brown Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Flo Pink Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Flo Pink Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Flo Pink Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Grey Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Grey Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Grey Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Grey Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Grey Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Grey Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Grey Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Grey Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Grey Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Grey Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Orange Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Orange Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Orange Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Orange Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Orange Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Orange Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Orange Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Orange Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Orange Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Orange Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Porto Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Porto Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Porto Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Porto Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Porto Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Porto Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Porto Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Porto Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Porto Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Porto Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Purple Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Purple Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Purple Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Purple Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Purple Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Purple Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Purple Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Purple Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Purple Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Purple Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Red Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Red Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Red Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Red Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Red Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Red Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Red Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Red Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Red Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Red Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Royal Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Royal Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Royal Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Royal Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Royal Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Royal Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Royal Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Royal Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Royal Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Royal Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/White Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/White Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/White Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/White Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/White Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/White Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/White Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/White Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/White Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/White Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Black/Yellow Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Black/Yellow Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Black/Yellow Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Black/Yellow Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Black/Yellow Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Black/Yellow Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Black/Yellow Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Black/Yellow Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Black/Yellow Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Black/Yellow Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Brown/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Brown/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Brown/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Brown/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Brown/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Brown/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Brown/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Brown/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Brown/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Brown/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Brown/Sovereign Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Brown/Sovereign Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Brown/Sovereign Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Brown/Stone Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Brown/Stone Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Brown/Stone Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Brown/Stone Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Brown/Stone Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Brown/Stone Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Brown/Stone Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Brown/Stone Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Brown/Stone Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Brown/Stone Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Brown/Turquoise Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Brown/Turquoise Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Brown/Turquoise Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Cedar Green/Grey Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Emerald/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Emerald/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Emerald/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Emerald/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Emerald/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Emerald/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Emerald/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Emerald/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Emerald/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Emerald/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Grey/Navy Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Grey/Navy Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Grey/Navy Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Grey/Navy Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Grey/Navy Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Grey/Navy Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Grey/Navy Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Grey/Navy Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Grey/Navy Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Grey/Navy Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Grey/Pink Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Grey/Pink Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Grey/Pink Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Grey/Pink Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Grey/Pink Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Grey/Pink Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Grey/Pink Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Grey/Pink Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Grey/Pink Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Grey/Pink Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Khaki/Coffee Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Khaki/Coffee Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Khaki/Coffee Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Navy/Light Grey Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Navy/Light Grey Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Navy/Light Grey Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Orange/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Orange/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Orange/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Orange/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Orange/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Orange/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Orange/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Orange/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Orange/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Orange/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Porto/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Porto/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Porto/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Porto/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Porto/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Porto/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Porto/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Porto/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Porto/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Porto/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Purple/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Purple/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Purple/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Purple/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Purple/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Purple/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Purple/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Purple/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Purple/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Purple/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Red/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Red/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Red/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Red/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Red/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Red/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Red/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Red/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Red/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Red/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Red/White Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Red/White Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Red/White Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Red/White Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Red/White Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Red/White Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Red/White Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Red/White Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Red/White Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Red/White Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Royal/Yellow Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Royal/Yellow Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Royal/Yellow Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Royal/Yellow Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Royal/Yellow Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Royal/Yellow Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Royal/Yellow Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Royal/Yellow Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Royal/Yellow Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Royal/Yellow Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Stone/Brown Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Stone/Brown Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Stone/Brown Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Stone/Brown Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Stone/Brown Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Stone/Brown Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Stone/Brown Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Stone/Brown Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Stone/Brown Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Stone/Brown Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
White/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
White/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
White/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
White/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
White/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
White/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
White/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
White/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
White/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
White/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
White/Red Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
White/Red Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
White/Red Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
White/Red Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
White/Red Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
White/Red Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
White/Red Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
White/Red Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
White/Red Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
White/Red Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
White/Royal Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
White/Royal Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
White/Royal Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
White/Royal Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
White/Royal Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
White/Royal Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
White/Royal Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
White/Royal Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
White/Royal Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
White/Royal Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
Yellow/Black Fleck75cmBlister Packed£2.86
Yellow/Black Fleck75cm Dispenser Banded£2.64
Yellow/Black Fleck 100cmBlister Packed£3.43
Yellow/Black Fleck 100cm Dispenser Banded£3.22
Yellow/Black Fleck 120cmBlister Packed£4.10
Yellow/Black Fleck 120cm Dispenser Banded£3.86
Yellow/Black Fleck 140cmBlister Packed£4.49
Yellow/Black Fleck 140cm Dispenser Banded£4.27
Yellow/Black Fleck 180cmBlister Packed£5.23
Yellow/Black Fleck 180cm Dispenser Banded£5.02
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Elevate your footwear game with our popular Walking Cord Fleck Shoe Laces, thoughtfully supplied as a pair for your convenience. Crafted from robust 100% polyester, these laces boast a unique blend of strength and durability that’s perfect for both sports or walking shoes.

Experience the luxury of soft-textured laces that also stand the test of time, thanks to their hard-wearing design. Tying your shoes becomes a breeze, all while maintaining a strong and secure knot.

With an impressive spectrum of 31 available colors, you have the freedom to choose the perfect hue to complement your style. These laces are offered in five convenient length sizes: 75cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, and 180cm. Need a custom size? Feel free to request bespoke sizes to cater to your specific needs.

As a mark of quality, these laces are proudly made in Britain, showcasing a tradition of craftsmanship. Elevate your shoe aesthetic with our 5mm Round Cord Shoe Laces, ensuring that every step is a stylish and comfortable one.

Product Reference SKU: T621/FL

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Black/Brown Fleck, Black/Flo Pink Fleck, Black/Grey Fleck, Black/Orange Fleck, Black/Porto Fleck, Black/Purple Fleck, Black/Red Fleck, Black/Royal Fleck, Black/White Fleck, Black/Yellow Fleck, Brown/Black Fleck, Brown/Sovereign Fleck, Brown/Stone Fleck, Brown/Turquoise Fleck, Cedar Green/Grey Fleck, Emerald/Black Fleck, Grey/Navy Fleck, Grey/Pink Fleck, Khaki/Coffee Fleck, Navy/Light Grey Fleck, Orange/Black Fleck, Porto/Black Fleck, Purple/Black Fleck, Red/Black Fleck, Red/White Fleck, Royal/Yellow Fleck, Stone/Brown Fleck, White/Black Fleck, White/Red Fleck, White/Royal Fleck, Yellow/Black Fleck

Length Size

75cm, 100cm, 120cm, 140cm, 180cm


Blister Packed, Dispenser Banded