Cherry Blossom Regimental Gloss 40g

Introducing Cherry Blossom Regimental Gloss 40g Tin – your ticket to unparalleled shine and care for leather footwear and bags. This compact tin holds the secret to an ultimate gloss that not only dazzles but also nourishes and protects.

Crafted for those who appreciate the finer things, our Regimental Gloss goes beyond the ordinary, delivering a brilliant shine that steals the spotlight. Easy to apply with a smooth glide, this 40g tin is your go-to solution for achieving that coveted, head-turning luster.

But it’s not just about the shine – our gloss doubles as a nourishing and protective treatment for your leather treasures. Watch as it revitalizes and guards against wear and tear, ensuring your footwear and bags not only look stunning but also withstand the tests of time.

Elevate your style effortlessly with Cherry Blossom Regimental Gloss 40g Tin – because your leather essentials deserve nothing less than the best in shine, nourishment, and protection. Make every step a statement and let your accessories shine with a brilliance that stands out from the crowd.

Additional information

Regimental Gloss Colour

Black, Dark Tan, Mid Tan